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Anonymous said: ok so i really like this blog and what it stands for, and i really think what you're doing is right.
anyway i have a problem, i have this best friend who, every time i tell her i like a boy, she automatically starts flirting with him and whatever and it just bothers me SO much. i love her and everything and i dont want to stop being friends with her, but how do i make it stop?

Thank you so much<3

you sit her down and tell her its bothering you. she might have not already realised what she’s doing. i dont think she is doing it intentionally to hurt you. try to say it in the nicest way that you can, she should stop<3

Anonymous said: my boyfriend hangs out with all these different girls all the time, and i know i should trust him and i do, but i jsut dont trust the girls and i really dont want to sound obsessed with him saying stuff like "DONT HANG OUT WITH OTHER GIRLS" or something.. what do i do?

i honestly think you should have trust in him. you guys are going out for a reason, because you like eachother so you should be able to trust him and you should understand that he wont do anything to break your trust. you could also sit him down and make sure he understands its not that your jealous, its that you dont want your boyfriend to be with other girls behind your back. he’ll understand:)

Anonymous said: hey so basically i need your help because i conjured up this obsession for harry potter and it hasnt gone away since 10 years ago and now its over and im having withdrawl issues. HELP ME.
a potterhead ϟ

I feel like you should look at your options. go watch other movies and t.v shows that make you happy. that doesnt nessesarily mean you need to have an obbsession, but it will help you forget about it:)


im not so sure, actually:)

Anonymous said: hey! so my boyfriend and i have been arguing a lot in the past few months and we've been going out for about two years and i know we're both in love with eachother but the fights are getting really bad resently. i dont know what i should do. i dont want us to breakup. HELP ME TALI PLEASE:)

the best thing to do is to sit down and talk about all of your feelings. tell him whats bothering you and be open with eachother. i dont think you should break up but its your desision. have a good, honest, heart to heaart with eachother. i hope it helps :)

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